AirForge 2371 - Hot Forging Protective Coating

AirForge 2371 is a new developed protective and lubricant coating for hot forging processes of steel (including special aeronautical alloys like 17-4PH), nickel and titanium alloys. It offers optimal results when metal protection against oxidation, gas diffusion and heat insulation must be provided. AirForge 2371 consists of a dispersion of a micronised enamel composition with thermodynamic controlled properties and a system of solid lubricants in water.

AirForge 2371 can be used neat or slightly diluted in water. The dilution acts on viscosity and final thickness of the applied product. This allows to control carefully the lubrication properties and to adapt it to the operation.

AirForge 2371 is designed for being used either by dipping or spraying with standard or electrostatic spray system. After drying a very fine, homogenous film of solid lubricant composite with good adhesion appears. By its good lubricating properties this film strongly improves the material flow at forging temperatures; also the oxidation of the work pieces and gas diffusion is effectively prevented by this impermeable film. After the forging process residues of the lubricant film are studied to be easily removed by sand blasting, grinding or by etching.

Even at extremely difficult work piece shapes, AirForge 2371 provides excellent results and covers a wide range of operations, e.g. in blade forming processes, from extrusion to finishing operations. AirForge 2371 brings its full performance for all operations at steel and nickel alloys. It is also suitable for extrusion and prefinishing operations at titanium alloys at temperatures > 950°C.

Technical facts


light grey

Density at +20 °C (g/cm³)

ca. 1,28

ASTM D 1298

Temperature range

950 - 1150°C

ISO 2431


6,0-4,0 dPas




Nickel, titanium and steel alloys

AirForge 2371 is free of lead or any other toxic components. Also it does not contain solvents and is not flammable. AirForge 2371 has a shelf life of 12 month in the closed box, stored at 5 - 25°C room temperature (protect against frost) and has to be stirred up 3 - 5 min. with a mixer before it can be used.

In our brochure you will find all information about AirForge 2371, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

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