MicroDiamond - Polycristalline Diamond-Suspension

With the multicut blades for all lapping and polish operations!

For the production of our Diamond-Suspension we are using exclusively synthetic diamond grits of Du Pont de Nemours. Compared to monocrystalline diamonds, the polycrystalline diamonds have no continous planes. The grain endures a considerable amount of higher pressure load. The precision calibration of the diamond powder generates easy-cutting, resistant grits in blocky grit form with many cuttings (multiple cuttings). This results in a high removal rate and the elimination of scratches. MicroDiamond is water-soluble and in many organic solvents too. The cleaning is therefor unproblematic. The suspension can be trickled, pumped or sprayed off.

MicroDiamond-Suspension is used for honing lapping and high-gloss polishing of different workingpieces such as steel, stainless steel, carbide, light metals, ceraic materials, steatite, gemstones etc.


  • High-gloss polishing of plastic injection moulds, gauges, rollers, slip ring seals, diamond, artifical hip joints etc.
  • Editing of wire drawing matrices, reversible carbide tips, ferrites, semi-conductor materials etc.
  • Lapping of composite materials, optical glasses, measurement surfaces, moulding tools etc.
  • Seating of valve seats, fittings, cylinder ducts, pistons, fine polishing of reamers etc.
MicroDiamond-Suspensions are usable for following specifications


Drip bottle



50 ml 100ml 250ml


½ - 1 ½

50 ml 100ml 250ml


2 - 3

50 ml 100ml 250ml


4 - 8 

50 ml 100ml 250ml

Fine lapping

8 - 15

50 ml 100ml 250ml


15 - 30

50 ml 100ml 250ml

Pre lapping

30 - 60 

50 ml 100ml 250ml

Rough works


  • Fast material removal
  • High-gloss polish
  • High economic effiency
  • Unproblematic cleaning
  • No edge waste
  • Low viscosity
  • Easy application

In our brochure you will find all information about Mikrodiamant, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.

Download the brochure of MikroDiamant


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