Evosorb - Oil binder Typ IIIR

Evosorb is a fine grained, reusable granulate based on alumina Al2SiO2 and is suitable to bind chemicals, acids, alkali, solutions, oils, greases, petrol, oil/wateremulsions and other liquids. It corresponds to the requirements of a multipurpose binder label: V.

Apply Supersorb on the oil soiled surface spread thinly it and let it absorb the oil. After sweeping up collect the granulate because it is reusable several times until the grain is completely full of liquid.

Evosorb even binds hazardous and corrosive liquids, as sulfuric acid. It is hardwearing, will not be smeared, spares slick and porous surfaces, does not stain and leaves no residues.

Evosorb can be reused several times until it is disposed. This effect is reached by shifting the oil binder several times. Thereby it gains more oxygen and dries faster. The process will be obviously visible by increasing brightness of the material.

Grain size

      > 4,000 mm

  0,0 weight %

 4,0 - 0,500 mm

57,4 weight %

 0,5 - 0,125 mm

41,5 weight %

      < 0,125 mm

  1,1 weight %

One bag contains 10 kg which last for ca. 100 m2
Loose weight ca. 550 g/l
SRT-Value 8%

In our brochure you will find all information about Evosorb, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

Download the brochure of Evosorb


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