LubTool 2000 - Fully synthetic lubricating and fine oil for the food and pharmaceutical industry

LubTool 2000 is used for greasing, removing, preserving and cleaning in all application fields, even in technically unpreventable, occasional contact with food.

LubTool 2000 is NSF H1 registered.

LubTool 2000 offers the best temporary corrosion protection on metallic surfaces and guarantees excellent lubrication of mechanical elements even at extreme minus temperatures.

LubTool 2000 cleans oil and grease polluted surfaces, effortlessly removes fretting corrosion and is neutral to all usual plastics and elastomers.

LubTool 2000 is free of silicon, acids and resins.

Rub LubTool 2000 in circles to remove the fretting corrosion and clean with a cloth afterwards. Repeat this if necessary.

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