AquaTec 3001 - Cooling lubricant concentrate

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AquaTec 3001 is a synthetic EP cooling lubricant that can be mixed with water. It contains no mineral oil and is free of chlorine, amines and nitrite. It is suitable for cutting steel, non-ferrous metal and cast iron, as well as for grinding hard metal.

AquaTec 3001 is used in particular when the work piece needs to be observed during processing. When mixed with water, a colourless solution of high stability and good anticorrosive action is produced. AquaTec 3001 is extremely resistant against micro-organisms and has pleasant odour. Because of the special composition of raw materials the cooling lubricant solution needs very little maintenance. AquaTec 3001 does not stick or resinify. Residues stay liquid and are easily dissoved in water.

AquaTec 3001 has been proven to be dermatologically safe and is biodegradable. When processing hard metal the cobalt contained is not affected by this grinding solution. Therefore the cooling lubricant solution does not become darker in colour but remains transparent, and it does not contain any cobalt salts that are dangerous to health and to environment.


  • Significantly reduces leaching of binders in cemented carbides
  • Superior lubricity and cooling for extended wheel life and workpiece finish
  • Excellent rinsing and settling properties for open cutting and good filtration
  • Clear mix for good part visibility
  • Rejects tramp oil for prolonged sump life
  • Low odour and mist levels

Technical facts



pH-value 3%


Density at +20 °C [g/cm³]


Kin. viscosity at +20 °C [mm²/s]

ca. 150

Mineral oil content


Corrosive effect 5%

mark 0

Mixing instruction:
Mix AquaTec 3001 always by simultaneously stir in drinking water, never the other way around. The received concentration can be checked by using a hand refractometer.
Refractometer factor = 1,0


3% (1:33)

4% (1:25)

5% (1:20)

6% (1:17)






In our brochure you will find all information about AquaTec 3001, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

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