DiaPress LCI 3200 - Forming oil

DiaPress LCI 3200 is a low misting metal working fluid, developed especially for rotary swaging of bars, pipes and wires. It is perfectly fitted for working with alloyed and unalloyed heat-treated steel, nitriding steel and tool steel, as well as for titanium and aluminium alloys and other special material. It is not suited for working with non ferrous metals.

DiaPress LCI 3200 is known for its ideal cooling, wetting and lubricating properties. It forms an extremely pressure-proof lubricating film on the work piece and effectively avoids cold welding. The ability to carry dirt helps to remove the smallest particles of material which were produced from abrasion. DiaPress LCI 3200 has a good viscosity-temperature-ratio and a high ageing stability.

DiaPress LCI 3200 was especially developed for rotary swaging but can also be used for easier sheet metal workings and forming operations (punching, deep drawing, extrusion etc.). The lubricating film which stays after the operation causes a temporary corrosion protection on the work piece for inside storage during a couple of weeks.

DiaPress LCI 3200 is not suited for filtration with an edge filter.

Technical facts


Density at +15 °C [g/cm³]


ASTM D 7042

Kin. viscosity at +40 °C [mm²/s]


ASTM D 7042

Flashpoint [°C]



Corrosive effect on copper


EN ISO 2160

In our brochure you will find all information about DiaPress LCI 3200, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

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