A water soluble coolant is increasing the tool lifetime by 300%

The company HMP Heinrich Müller Maschinenfabrik GmbH from Germany has switched in December 2008 to the new water soluble coolant AquaTec 7560 from oelheld GmbH in Germany, the new water soluble coolant was tested intensively.

HMP is supplying machines and manufacturing equipment for the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as for many other branches. During the 9 months trial period the automotive industry parts have been machined on a Mori Seiki NZ 2000. During the work process threads M8x0,75x22 were manufactured - most of the materials were stainless steel.

One threading tool was able to make 200 threads with the water soluble coolant that was used before, with AquaTec 7560 however the performance was increase by 3 times to 600 threads using the same tool. The well known disadvantages with water soluble metal working fluids (corrosion in the machines and on the work pieces, sticky residues in the machines, low tool life, fungi and bacteria development, etc.) had been for Dr. Storr and his research and development department the motivation to break new ground and develop new products, that guaranteed that most of the well known disadvantages will be a thing of the past.

With the new designed product line AquaTec we are able to offer you a product that is solving most of the above mentioned disadvantages, is elevating your process and is reducing your ongoing costs at the same time.

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