The philosophy of master cuts

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To grind high quality knives and scissors and perhaps even finish a professional and complete maintenance itself is a philosophy and demands the skills of an extensive trained expert or master. The grinding shop Stange is such a master shop which has been committed to provide its customers high quality and reliability for decades.

Especially ancient knives and scissors which have been functioning only as artifacts are sharpened or reworked completely. In the process it is set value on grinding all knives and scissors by hand. Following steps have to be worked through on the knife to achieve the best result possible:

  • Regrinding the cutting edge geometry
  • Grinding areas on both sides slightly round
  • Polishing before and after (dry-fine)
  • Sharpening
  • Grinding the shaft
  • Deburring the shaft
  • Cleaning the knife

A tool is finished which brings pleasure and is fun to work with.

In the process of reworking scissors a different approach is needed:

  • Flattening the tip
  • Dismantling the scissors
  • Grinding the insides of the blades and of the bracket
  • Polishing the outer surfaces and the bracket
  • Polishing the insides of the blades
  • Grinding the facet
  • Dismantling the cutting edge
  • Mounting
  • Set the gear of the scissors
  • Lubricating the screw
  • Trial cut

Handing over the “new” scissors Mr. Stange always gives the advise: “Use scissors always as intended, embroidery scissors for thread, skin scissors for skin, hair scissors for hair, paper scissors for paper etc. “

Furthermore, medical instruments and tools are grinded and reworked but every tool, knife or material is different and claims its own method.

That is why Mr. Stange is glad that his Loroch grinding machine makes his work a lot easier. Not at least because he can always rely on his machine and the coolant that he uses.

Stefan Stange: “The concentrate that we have used before has attacked the paint and partially degreased the machine. That is why we were glad when Mr. Waldenburger of oelheld GmbH recommended us the AquaTec product. Today we are very content using this coolant and we achieve clean and fast results.”

Steffen Waldenburger shortly explains the advantages of using the water mixable coolant AquaTec 5001:

  • High cleaning effect in the machine
  • Water clear without cloudiness
  • Very good lifetimes
  • Despite of soft water no problems with foaming
  • Very mild on skin and that is very interesting,
  • Very low refilling quantities

“We are using two of my grinding machines not on a regular basis so that it sometimes comes to longer downtimes. However, we have absolutely no problems with bacteria or fungi using the AquaTec product. We have been successfully working with products from oelheld for a while now and it will definitely stay that way in the future,” says Mr. Stange.

Short information on the grinding shop Stange:
The grinding shop Stange was founded in 1932 by the master cutler Walter Stange and was taken overby his grandson Stefan Stange after he finished his training as a cutting tool master mechanic in 1993.

Since its foundation the shop has been a member of the guild ”Dresden Cutler Guild” and Mr. Stange has been the head of the guild for a few years. Furthermore, the grinding shop Stange is a member of the FDPW (Professional association of the German tool grinders).

Short information on the oelheld GmbH:
Since 1887 oelheld has been established as a specialist for lubricants. Its dielectric fluids for wire EDM and die sinking as well as oelheld’s grinding, cutting and hydraulic oils for different applications are recommended by leading machine manufacturers.

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