Lifetime of the grinding wheel doubled by using coolgrind grinding wheels for flat glass machining

Interview with Simon Remschnig,
ESG production manager at Isolar Isolierglaserzeugung Ges.m.b.H. in Klagenfurt, Austria

Q. What is your company’s position on the market and what kind of market segments do you serve?
A. Isolar Isolierglaserzeugung Ges.m.b.H. is one of the most innovative manufacturers of insulation glass in Europe located in Klagenfurt and more locations in Austria and Germany. Our business consists of a large range of ISOLAR glass, toughened and laminated safety glass, mounting accessories as well as services from planning to production.
Q. You are using the coolgrind grinding wheels for your production. How did you get in contact with coolgrind?
A. At first we had some discussions with the patent holder Mr. Gerhard Schrottner. Right after that I ordered the first grinding wheels. The immediate result was an efficiency increase from 18.000 to 32.000 running meters.
Q. Will there be further test runs and what are your goals?
A. After this great success we have had more tests with usual grinding wheels which were furnished with the coolgrind system. The goals were to grind cooler, to avoid outbursts (shell forming) on the glass respectively on the work piece, to increase the current parameters and decrease the wear of the grinding wheel at the same time as well as to improve the quality of the surface. A crucial side effect was the reduction of the set-up times.
Q. How did the other tests go and what savings could be achieved?
A. The current lifetime with the mentioned grinding type lies between 55.000 and 60.000 running meters. With the coolgrind grinding wheels of the same type we now achieve up to 120.000 running meters. Thus we can confirm that the grinding wheels which are furnished with the coolgrind system have exceeded our expectations by far. All goals have been achieved without altering the machine in anyway which was really important to us.
Q. Can you inform us about the material and thickness?
A. Ground thickness measurements: Float 4 – 15 mm, Mirror 4 – 15 mm, VSG 6 – 16 mm PVB. Form and measurements of the grinding wheels: 6L2 D = 175 / W = 20 (10/8) / T = 25 and used grain sizes: D64/D126/D151.

Thank you very much for the interview.


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