Efficiency increase of 25 % with the right grinding fluid

The tool grinding symposium in Wernesgrün, Germany is well known as an event especially for tool and cutter grinders. During this annual event it is possible to see the latest innovative products and to meet potential business partners personally. Last year Mr. Ingo Kuschewski of Hufschmied Zerspannungssysteme GmbH contacted Mr. Ken Bausch of oelheld GmbH.

The company Hufschmied Zerspannungssysteme GmbH manufactures cutting tools for plastic materials and high performance cutting tools for the mold and die industry. Most of their customers are suppliers to the automotive and aeronautical industry. Hufschmied manufactures cutting tools out of special tungsten carbide with highly specialized geometries that are especially adapted to the exotic materials that have to be machined. For this reason the company succeeded in being market leaders in several niche markets. The benefits of the cutting tools are reduced process costs, optimized cutting tool quality as well as best lifetime and best possible cutting behavior. These new types of cutting tools guarantee cost efficient machining of thermoplastics that are long fibre glass wool mat enhanced.

In all fields Hufschmied is aiming for quality and service, always considering best possible cost efficiency. Aiming to improve the manufacturing process of their cutting tools Ingo Kuschewski decided to visit the tool grinding symposium in Germany. Already on the first day he was able to collect positive impressions. In discussions with other cutting tool companies he was told about the outstanding quality of oelheld grinding fluids.

The requirements of a grinding fluid when grinding tungsten carbides are very high and here was the exact starting point for Ingo Kuschewski. How to raise feeds and speeds with different grinding applications? Ingo Kuschewski reported that several very dedicated grinding applications are running on Rollomatic 628 XS machines. For Ken Bausch it was immediately obvious that he could recommend the SHPG (Super High Performance Grinding) fluid SintoGrind TTK which was especially designed for grinding tungsten carbide. Particularly with regard to the fact that Rollomatic already approved and recommends the SintoGrind TTK.

SintoGrind TTK is 100 % free of aromatics and is equipped with extreme pressure additives. Furthermore SintoGrind TTK is keeping grinding wheels clean and sharp. Tangential forces are been greatly reduced and special additives guarantee best possible cooling and lubricating properties. Very important: SintoGrind TTK is not only reducing the risk of cobalt leaching, it puts cobalt leaching where it belongs – in the history books. This is a must with regard to the health of the operators and a perfect surface finish on the cutting edge.

After changing the current grinding oil to SintoGrind TTK Ingo Kuschewski immediately recognized an increase in productivity of 25 %. This seriously increased the competitive position of Hufschmied and many grinding applications can be solved more successfully.

Ingo Kuschwski and Ken Bausch again met this year at the 3rd tool grinding symposium in Wernesgrün, Germany and were able to exchange information and prepare the next steps to a successful cooperation. Ken Bausch reported to Ingo Kuschewski that oelheld has launched in the meantime its own technology center for tool grinding, which is run by a business partner of oelheld, who has long lasting experience especially in the field of tool grinding. Grinding fluids as well as grinding wheels are being tested in this technology center under hardest conditions. The target is simple: the continuous development of new grinding fluids and grinding wheels in order to provide customers, like Hufschmied, with superior products.


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