Tradition is connecting

Most successful German collaborations are enjoyed by medium-sized companies and it is often tradition that is connecting these companies. The cooperation between Eugen Geyer GmbH and oelheld GmbH from Stuttgart is such an example. oelheld GmbH has been manufacturing metal working lubricants since 1887 and is technology leader in the EDM and tool grinding industry worldwide. But also in the field of punching, forming and deep-drawing oelheld GmbH has an excellent reputation.

Mr. Eugen Geyer founded the company 1926 in Pforzheim/ Germany. The company specialized in the machining of nonferrous materials. Nowadays the company is supplying niche markets with nonferrous semi-finished products according to the requirements and wishes of their customers with dedication to flexibility and innovation. Both companies are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 this assures that the customer’s needs are the focus of the quality management efforts.

Eugen Geyer GmbH is using the deep drawing fluid DiaPress ZH from oelheld GmbH for the machining of extremely critical parts with very high demands. The tube drawing process is possible from 0,3mm to 80 mm. The DiaPress ZH is used for all materials like aluminium, copper, brass, silver and stainless steel.

The products of the DiaPress series are high performance products that are free from chlorine and heavy metals and suitable for all forming, bending, punching and deep drawing processes. Selected base oils and additives form a mechanical and thermal lubrication layer with high compressive strength for optimal material flow offering lowest possible tool wear. Human Technology is for oelheld GmbH not just a brand but a principle. Low risk potential as well as the environmental safety of the products and the production processes are in the spotlight.

Generally one thing can be said about Eugen Geyer GmbH and oelheld GmbH: ” Everything is possible !” The 83 years and 122 years of experience allow our companies to achieve a lot and the specialists from both companies can come back to a rich knowledge pool. “Round or rectangular, 6 and 8 sides, oval and half-circle, stars and channel, conical or in the form of a drop, in random lengths, in fixed lengths, in coils on request. Customer satisfaction is our target we want to achieve” Mr. Lorenz Geyer, CEO of Eugen Geyer GmbH.

The 2 companies also have another common theme: The management board was newly manned. After 37 years the sales manager of Eugen Geyer GmbH left on 31.12.2008 for the well-deserved retirement. From 01.01.2009 Mr. Ralf Elsinger has taken charge as the sales manager.

Mr. Hagen Schurer has since October 2009 become the new sales director at oelheld GmbH. Since 1984, when Mr. Hagen Schurer took over the management of Charmilles Germany GmbH, he has had the full respect and acceptance of Dr. Manfred Storr, CEO of oelheld GmbH. “It was a matter of course for me to empower him as the Managing Director of our subsidiary in France after he finished his career at Georg Fischer. I deeply believe that he will also set milestones in the expansion of our future sales “.

Eugen Geyer GmbH and oelheld GmbH are therefore best prepared for the challenges of the future and we are expecting even greater innovation and trend-setting news from both companies.

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