AquaTec is elevating the manufacturing process

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The internationally represented company Möck Professionelle Rohrsysteme GmbH from Germany is manufacturing stove pipes and has been looking for some considerable time for an optimal water soluble product meeting all their requirements.

The manufacturing process is as follows: The metal sheet material ST 22 comes from the coil and is bent by rolls in order to receive and endless tube, the bent tube is then induction welded. Afterwards the weld seam is removed by an HSS cutting chisel. This operation guarantees a perfect surface finish.

The tubes are then cut in the transfer line by a rotation method to the length of 6 meters. For the cooling of the weld seam as well as for the cutting process the product AquaTec 7539 from oelheld GmbH is used. AquaTec 7539 has proved that it is extremely resistant against ageing, the maintenance requirements are very low and the cleaning effect on the machines is excellent.

“Our manufacturing process is flowing smoothly and more than satisfying” states Mr.Fischer (production manager) in a discussion with Mr. Roberto Schöpko, technical engineer from oelheld GmbH. The health aspects are an especially convincing argument in favour of the AquaTec product. The AquaTec product range is tested by a German dermatological institute and proved to be harmless regarding skin irritation, is producing low emissions and is free from heavy metals. Therefore the operators are excellently protected from unnecessary health risks.

Dr. Storr, managing director of oelheld GmbH says: “These results highlight all our hard work which we will continue in order to supply the best products to our customers. Constant product development and quality assurance are the key to the success of our products.”


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