The philosophy of grinding

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Where others quit, the art of grinding starts for Titus Traber. The right choice of machine tool and its peripheral products are crucial for the company Traber Präzisionsschleiferei AG. When it comes to grinding work-pieces with a diameter of 1300 mm and 1.5 tons weight with an accuracy of just a few microns Titus Traber is using the grinding machine Kehren Ri 8-4.

At the beginning of 2009 Titus Traber was looking for a new manufacturer of water soluble products in order to run his machine successfully and cost efficient. The results were sometimes less successful and sometimes absolutely unsuccessful at all until Michael Heinkel from oelheld GmbH offered a new solution to him. AquaTec 7000 was filled into the machine and the trials throughout were very successful.

“The fully synthetic AquaTec 7000 of oelheld GmbH offers much longer service life than other water soluble products. We are grinding almost all available material like cast iron, steel, stainless steel, hardened materials and brass. Different processes are possible such as inside diameter, outside diameter, radius, curves and jig grinding. There is no machine downtime and nearly no cleaning is required.

© Traber AG

Michael Heinkel also confirmed during a visit at the end of October:“The pH value is very stable and almost at the same level since the start of the trials 6 months ago. Titus Traber says: “We have no problems at all, no smell and the service of oelheld GmbH is excellent. Therefore we will run our whole production with products of oelheld GmbH. This includes two centralized filtration systems with 5.000 and 7.500 litres.”

Alfred Traber senior who established the company in 1945 shortly after WW II explains the company policy in order to keep the company successfully: People who know their business and the choice of the right partners. Dr. Storr managing director of oelheld GmbH states:”Innovative fluid management, stringent product development and quality assurance are the key to the success of our products.”

Therefore oelheld GmbH has integrated Human Technology in its company philosophy. This means with regards to the AquaTec products: fewer emissions and no heavy metals. The AquaTec products offer long service life and are successfully tested regarding skin irritation.

The well known disadvantages with water soluble metal working fluids (corrosion in the machines and on the work pieces, sticky residues in the machines, low tool life, fungi and bacteria development, etc.) had been for Dr. Storr and his research and development department the motivation to break new ground and develop new products, that guaranteed that most of the well known disadvantages will be a thing of the past.

With the new designed product line AquaTec we are able to offer you a product that is solving most of the above mentioned disadvantages, is elevating your process and is reducing your ongoing costs at the same time.

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