A slovenian success story

CEO eng. Matjaz Cajhen © Cajhen

The company CAJHEN REZILNA ORODJA D.O.O. in Lasko is the biggest tool producer in Slovenia. Since the company was founded in 1969 it went from a small tool shop to a “ second to none” equipped cutting tool manufacturing plant with nearly 20 modern grinding and EDM machines.

The managing director Matjaz Cajhen explains the success: “Good communication with the customers, latest technology and speed. Our focus is on highest achievable quality – not only the machines that are all state of the art but especially the workforce and the peripheral products make the difference.”

In the field of metal working fluids Matjaz Cajhen is using for all grinding and EDM applications oelheld GmbH products. The German company oelheld GmbH has been manufacturing metal working fluids since 1887 and is technology leader in the field of EDM and toolgrinding. All grinding machines of CAJHEN REZILNA ORODJA D.O.O. are running with grinding fluid of the SintoGrind series.

IonoPlus dielectric in use © Cahjen

The SintoGrind series is a revolution in the toolgrinding market as the surface finish and the redressing cycles are improved while the operators health is not damaged. Also SintoGrind TTK can be used with any filtration system and is causing no foam problems. Nowadays the fully synthetic PAO based grinding fluids of the SintoGrind series are recommended by nearly all leading manufacturers of toolgrinding machines and used by countless end customers all over the world.

Also for the „Two-in-One machines“ of Walter Maschinenbau GmbH from Germany oelheld GmbH has developed a special product called IonoGrind that is able to manage booth processes - grinding and eroding.

AquaTec, the water-soluble cooling lubricant of oelheld © Cahjen

Still today some of the grinding machines have to use water soluble products. As Matjaz Cajhen was working for many years on the grinding machines himself he experienced the problems when grinding tungsten carbide or PCD with water-soluble products very well: Cobalt leaching, foaming, dirty machines, short sump life and last but not least skin irritation. More than 5 different products from different manufacturers were tested previously.

When oelheld GmbH launched the watersoluble products of the new AquaTec series Mr. Ken Bausch, oelheld export sales manager and person directly responsible for the care of CAJHEN REZILNA ORODJA D.O.O., immediately contacted Matjaz Cajhen to ask whether a test would be possible. After a short discussion booth agreed that the AquaTec 5001 would be tested. After 6 month testing period Mr. Ken Bausch dicussed the results with Matjaz Cajhen to find out whether the AquaTec 5001 is meeting the high demands or any modifications have to be done. Matjaz Cajhen answered: “Do not touch the product – leave it as it is!”

Modern workstations guarantee high quality © Cahjen

This was very good news for a product that was just launched on the market and also increased the confidence in the AquaTec 5001 at other customers. In the meantime the AquaTec 5001 is used worldwide on many tungsten carbide grinding machines like cylindrical grinders, surface, profile and centreless grinders.

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