Precision in focus

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The increased demands in the production on precision tools are nowadays very high, especially when it comes to the customized tools. But only customized solutions guarantee an efficient, safe and cost effective production.

The company Mader GmbH & Co.KG from Germany is producing such special tools for the milling and drilling of metal, plastic and wood. Due to the long experience and highly qualified employees many customers remain loyal to the company Mader, especially in hard times.

Therefore quality is the most important benchmark for managing director Gerd Mader. This is exactly what Gerd Mader is asking for, not only from his employees but also from his suppliers in order to satisfy his customer demands. One example is the production of tool bodies on a Monforts RNC 400 high speed CNC lathe.

For high speed lathes excellent cooling, wetting and lubricating characteristics are required. Furthermore the viscosity and the ageing stability are important, “oelheld GmbH have surpassed all Gerd Mader’s (managing director, Mader GmbH) expectations with SulFol LCI 850.

© Mader

The surface finish is perfect and we achieve the best possible lifetime for our tools” states managing director Gerd Mader. Robert Schöpko from oelheld GmbH has been working together with Mr. Mader for many years and explains: “Our research and development department has again hit the target by fully satisfying the demands of the market.”

oelheld GmbH was established in 1887 and is acting internationally.

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